SMS Credit Without Workplace

SMS credit is one of the ways we can make quick credit nowadays. This process is very simple – the customer registers on the quick credit issuer’s website and then sends a text message to a specific number. To take advantage of this feature, everything you need is a mobile phone with an active network connection and the aforementioned registration.


Poor credit history borrower has no chance for this credit

Poor <a href=credit history borrower has no chance for this credit” />

Each creditor’s website must include the information requested by the company when registering, and usually a security deposit of 1 euro cents should be transferred to the creditor’s account after registration. This transfer will prove the customer’s bank number and verified profile information. Request for text messaging is processed and the money goes into the account within a few minutes. Of course, a credit with an SMS must comply with all the conditions for issuing quick loans.

This means that persons under the age of 20, persons with poor credit history or some other non-compliance with the conditions set by the creditor will not be able to receive such credit in Latvia. This technology that a loan can receive by sending a simple text message was introduced a couple of years ago, but now most of the fast loan issuers are using it – currently there are 12 companies in Latvia.


The advantage of obtaining this kind of loan

The advantage of obtaining this kind of loan

The advantage of obtaining such a loan is the simplicity of sending the request and, if necessary, the possibility of obtaining a loan wherever the internet is not available but a mobile phone. Workplace Fast Creditthe terms of issue may be formulated as a permanent or regular monthly income, the amount of which should also be stated upon registration.

The absence of a job should not be a major obstacle if a person still has other regular incomes and sufficient solvency. Other income, such as scholarships, sickness benefits or passive income, can be demonstrated by a recent bank account print. SMS credityou can get it from several lenders, so it may not even be worth trying to do it right away with a particular company.

Only when all variants have been tested and refusals are received can you try to negotiate with the representatives of a particular company as they may not know how the person earns income without having to work in the official workplace. If a person does not have an official job, then all other criteria laid down by the quick credit issuer must be met, as they give the impression of a person’s solvency.